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Installing Dark Hardwood Floors in Living Room

Installing Dark Hardwood Floors in Living Room – It is necessary to pay attention to the comfort in a living room. The contrast of color becomes a supporting factor for the comfort. If the floor in the living room is made of wooden and has dark colors, you can paint the wall with bright color paints and decorate the room with bright and cute adornment. It is useful to balance the contrast of the color. There are some arrangements for the color contrast in your living room.

Harmony in combining colors will be created if the dark colors on the floor are blended with bright colors on the wall or the decoration. It is going to be lovable if the dark-colored floor is contrasted with bright-colored furniture. This will attract your guests’ attention to look at things with brighter colors. The harmony and the comfort will appear further. Bright colors, such as white, pink, orange, and yellow, can be used as the color for the wall and furniture. This will create balance in the room and make the interior brighter and sweeter.

Beside use of such colors, use of natural materials, such as stones and woods, also make the atmosphere in the living room cozier and lovelier. You can also “break” the darkness of the floor by putting a brighter-colored carpet. If it is combined with the proper color, the dark-colored floor will make your living room more modern and more elegant.

Next, the dark-colored floor, especially hardwood floor, can be used for all of rooms in the house because the color is unique and more neutral compared to other colors. With a perfect combination, the dark-colored floor can be used for rooms with modern and traditional styles.

Living Room

Decorating A Living Room With Fireplace and TV

Decorating A Living Room With Fireplace and TV – Gathering with family can give different impressions for each person. A living room is one of rooms for you to get harmony in family with many activities that you want. Comfort in the living is the prior reason why each house has to have its own living room. This room is also a center place to gather among members of family. It can be said that the living room is the most important room of all the rooms in the house because by getting there, the family can be more intimate to each other and increase the harmony in the family.

In decorating process, there are several factors that are needed to pay attention in order to create the comfort in the living room. The first factor is the color of the wall. It is suggested for you to choose the color of the wall that can make change your mood into better and fresher. The color can also affect the people’s comfort there. It which can spray the freshness out becomes a more beautiful view rather than a dazzling color. The second factor is the floor. you must be able to choose a kind of floor that is made of materials which can create comfort for people who are standing on it. It is necessary to keep paying attention the harmony of the color with the wall color. Such harmony can increase the existing comfort.

The third factor is lighting that will affect the beauty in the room. The fourth factor is furniture, such as sofas, chairs, table, and shelves. It is supporting factor that make the people in the room more convenient. Those factors can unite the family to gather for a long time in the room.

It can be more completed if there are electronic furniture, such as TV, home theater, and music player. A fireplace can be added in order to warm the people up while the weather is cold. There is a suggestion for you who have a small living room. You can apply minimalist style with two seater sofa, single seater sofa, and a small table. Such furniture it is better to place in the corner of the room so that the room can be looked wider.

Living Room

Best Sofa Set Design for a Small Living Room

It is narrow if you face directly a narrow room. The beauty inside the room is too forced to be there. Furniture will be a main part of the room. It will not be well-organized if the furniture is not arranged well. Hence, there are some things that the owner of the house has to pay attention to the interior of a minimalist room.

First, model of the furniture which is chosen is better if its shape is not too complicated. It is to give an impression as if the room is wide enough and not crowded. The color has to be paid attention and compatible with the room theme. You can look for multifunction and minimalist furniture with simple colors in order to increase the harmony in the room. If you want to have a beautiful living room, you should use either brown or wood-like-color furniture. The two colors, of course, will
create a natural image in the living room.

Second, use a residual room for storing unused things. With limited ground in the house, you have to be able to arrange every corner of rooms to become useful rooms. It can create sense of comfort and safeness.

Third, do not use a permanent room divider, but a breakable one. It is because permanent rooms isolating will make the room narrower in look. Fourth, use floors without pattern. It can give an image that the room looks wide and roomy. Fifth, for the accessories in the room, place your painting on the wall with simple composition. Choose a simple frame without carving for. Those points can make the room look tidier, wider, and cozier to get in.

A living room is designed by adding a long sofa for relaxing completed with various electronic equipment, such as TV and music player. By keeping those points above, to create a safer and cozier room, you can add a fireplace in the corner of the room. The fireplace is to warm up the atmosphere in it.

Living Room

How To Choose The Best Curtain Color For Living Room Windows

A house curtain is one of elements that may not be forgotten in arranging house furniture. House windows are getting more beautiful to be looked at if furnished with a proper curtain. Besides,the windows can give cozy atmosphere for the owner of the house. As a main function, the curtain is used to protect the owner from the dazzling sunlight that disturbs home activities. However, it is also used as accessories in room that makes the interior of the house more fascinating.

The living room as one of parts in the house is a place to gather with family, so that pleasing situation is needed to increase the intimacy between members of family. It can be supported by a lovely element in housing interior, which is a curtain. It is necessary to arrange the curtain with a full attention. Arrangement of curtain color, material, and model is really needed. The view of the appropriate curtain color with living room decoration can beautify the living room. The following pictures are some examples of curtain with various colors that may be suitable for your living room windows. For houses with wallpaper wall, cream is very chic if blended with it. This can give classical image in your living room.

A curtain with full color will give cheerful image in your living room and more positive energy for the people in the house after daily activities outside the house. Combination between blue and golden for a curtain dangling from the plafond to the ground will give spacious effect for minimalist family. A curtain with red-flowers motif and white background will make the living room more lovely. It can be perfected with beautiful sofas in it. Besides, use of white and blue palette on the curtain blended with simple furniture will give modern and elegant images.
Those are creative curtain color ideas for your living room that might give you an inspiration to choose the curtain color for your desiring living room so that your family intimacy can be getting closer.

Living Room

Use of Leather Sofa To Beautify A Living Room

A living room is one of important rooms in a house to support collective activities done by members of family. It can also be used to gather with the family and enjoy relaxing atmosphere after doing hectic activities outside the house. In order to create such comfort, a sofa is needed to be a seat which the family sit down. It is also for beautifying the living room. Sofa is found in nearly all of living rooms that is used to relax while watching TV, drinking tea or coffee, or chatting with family. Nowadays, there are various shapes and style of sofa that you can choose in furniture stores. One of kinds of sofa is leather sofa.

A leather sofa is mostly chosen by customers because the material relatively lasts for long time and does not emerge hotness while sitting on. The material that is not easily dirty also becomes the reason why this kind of sofa is chosen most. It is easy to clean this sofa. You can just wipe the stain on the sofa, and the stain will be removed. The sofa will give classical image for the living room. It is very flexible if completed with interior and fitted wall color. The following tips are useful for you to decorate a leather sofa in your living room.

First, place your leather sofa which does not disturb the family while they are walking. Because the living room is a room that is mostly visited by entire family, do not place your sofa in the path that is crossed by them and in the spot that obstructs family’s activities.

If the leather sofa is used to watch TV, place the sofa in the spot that enables the audience to see the TV screen clearly. Their views are facing directly the screen. A bad arrangement of the sofa will cause the audience feel tired while watching TV because the angle of the TV is not fit and their position is not in comfortable position.

If your family like using the living room to talk to each other and relax while watching TV, it is better to arrange your leather sofa to become U shape. This will enable both activities, which are increasing intimacy among family by chatting and watching TV together.

Lastly, avoid putting the leather sofa near storage furniture, such as shelves and cupboards. This will cause the living room look smaller or narrower and not fascinating. Combine simply-designed wall, so that it might be more beautiful to be looked at.

These tips will be very useful in arranging the leather sofa in your living room. The comfortable sofa plus the good position will increase your comfort in gathering with members of family.


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