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Tips For Arranging Furniture in Long Narrow Living Room

Tips For Arranging Furniture in Long Narrow Living Room – A living room is a part of a house that the owner has to pay attention in arranging it because it is a place that members of family often use to gather. Hence, tidiness and beauty of the living room will be the center of attraction for those who are coming. It can represent images of all rooms in the house. Arrangement of bigger living room is relatively easier than arranging the smaller one because the bigger one provides more spaces.

However, it is different from arrangement of furniture in a long narrow living room. Aesthetic skills are needed, so that the arrangement of the small living room look clean, tidy, and lovely. Every member of family will feel convenient and stay for more long time in it. It is extremely necessary to arrange the small living room well in order to avoid narrow and untidy impressions. Hence, special tricks are needed, so that the arrangement can result as desired. There are some things that need to be paid attention in arranging the small living room. They are :

A good position will give a wide effect. Besides, furniture and accessories positions which are arranged well will make those who see pleased because the positions are not overlapping to each other.

Choose windows with fit size in your living room. Natural lighting is very good for members of family’s health. It is suggested to use wide glass windows because light from outside can get in the room extraordinarily and freely. Lighting from lamps can also be used. It depends on your preference.

Choice of unheavy and simple furniture
If you want to have a sofa in your living room, choose simply-designed sofa with neutral colors. For the small living room, furniture with complicated pattern and many colors should not be used. Thus, choose furniture with simple design and neutral colors that are fit with the size of the room.

Use of smoothy colors and tiny curtain
Choose a tiny curtain and enter-able material to give wide effect. Hence, the sunlight can enter to make the living room more brighter and wider in the afternoon. Do not forget to keep the glass and the curtain clean.

Use of wall paint with smoothy colors.
Use smoothy colors, such as green, blue, and yellow, for your wall. This will be useful to give sense of brightness and wideness in the small living room. In order not to seem monotonous, use dark colors on the decoration.

So, the small living room is no longer a problem to create a tidy, lovely, and wide-look living room. A good arrangement of it will solve the problem of the small room.

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