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Decorating A Living Room With Fireplace and TV

Decorating A Living Room With Fireplace and TV – Gathering with family can give different impressions for each person. A living room is one of rooms for you to get harmony in family with many activities that you want. Comfort in the living is the prior reason why each house has to have its own living room. This room is also a center place to gather among members of family. It can be said that the living room is the most important room of all the rooms in the house because by getting there, the family can be more intimate to each other and increase the harmony in the family.

In decorating process, there are several factors that are needed to pay attention in order to create the comfort in the living room. The first factor is the color of the wall. It is suggested for you to choose the color of the wall that can make change your mood into better and fresher. The color can also affect the people’s comfort there. It which can spray the freshness out becomes a more beautiful view rather than a dazzling color. The second factor is the floor. you must be able to choose a kind of floor that is made of materials which can create comfort for people who are standing on it. It is necessary to keep paying attention the harmony of the color with the wall color. Such harmony can increase the existing comfort.

The third factor is lighting that will affect the beauty in the room. The fourth factor is furniture, such as sofas, chairs, table, and shelves. It is supporting factor that make the people in the room more convenient. Those factors can unite the family to gather for a long time in the room.

It can be more completed if there are electronic furniture, such as TV, home theater, and music player. A fireplace can be added in order to warm the people up while the weather is cold. There is a suggestion for you who have a small living room. You can apply minimalist style with two seater sofa, single seater sofa, and a small table. Such furniture it is better to place in the corner of the room so that the room can be looked wider.

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